Auditor applauds Church Hill for almost perfect report

Jeff Bobo • Jul 26, 2018 at 12:01 PM

CHURCH HILL — Church Hill ended the 2016-17 fiscal year with a $205,000 budget surplus, and the icing on the cake was receiving a nearly perfect audit report for that fiscal year last week.

On July 17, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen received an unqualified opinion from auditor Mickey Ellis, who also reported issuing no negative findings against the city.

“Things are being handled as they should,” Ellis said. “I’m glad to report that at the completion of this audit, we have issued an unqualified opinion, a clean opinion. We have no findings of any violations of any laws or regulations. No issues that we felt needed to be brought to your attention as a board.”

Ellis added, “The financial health of Church Hill remains solid, based on what we’ve seen, so there is not much more to say other than ‘Good job.’ ”

The only thing Ellis could found during his audit that required a corrective recommendation was that some receipts weren’t cataloged in chronological order. The recommendation was to void any unused pre-numbered receipts to ensure that receipts are maintained in a sequential date order to correspond with pre-numbered receipts.

Church Hill a safe place to live

Mayor Dennis Deal noted during the July 17 meeting that in a recent crime prevention report compiled by the Tennessee-based home security company Safewise, Church Hill is the 20th safest city in the state.

“We ought to be very proud of that,” Deal said. “That’s a big deal.”

Helping the Community Chest raise funds

The Church Hill Community Chest, which assists local residents in need, spends $2,363 every time it sends out a mailer seeking contributions.

The BMA voted unanimously to amend its 2018-19 budget to cover that $2,363 expense.

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