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Ballad announces steps to reduce costs for uninsured

Brandon Paykamian • Jan 7, 2020 at 1:30 PM

Ballad Health CEO Alan Levine announced Monday that the regional health care provider will be taking new steps to “reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients who are burdened by the high cost of health care.”

“The steps that we’re taking help both patients that have insurance but also helps patients who do not have insurance,” Levine said at a Monday press conference held at Ballad Health’s corporate office. “I think if you go around the country, you could probably count on one hand — if any — the number of health systems who’ve actually reduced their pricing.”

In September 2019, Ballad announced an average 17% price reduction for all physician practices and urgent care and increased the discount for people who are uninsured to 77%.

Ballad will now increase discounts for uninsured patients at all Ballad physician practices, urgent cares, diagnostics and hospitals to 85%. New steps now also include assisting patients with insurance who have incomes up to 450% of the federal poverty level and high deductibles and copays.

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