Kingsport DUI suspect with child flees police on West Stone Drive

Rain Smith • May 1, 2019 at 1:15 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office

April 26

At Swift Park in Rogersville, a deputy spotted a woman and two men screaming at each other. Questioning revealed that one of the males had driven past several times, then stopped and asked the other man to approach his vehicle. At that point, the driver sprayed the pedestrian in the eyes with wasp spray, then exited his car with an axe handle to “defend himself.” The motorist claimed the other man had stolen items from his home. An open beer was observed in the driver’s vehicle, while a pat-down revealed pills in his pocket. No assault charges were placed, but he was arrested for drug possession and violating the open container law.

April 28

In Bulls Gap, a man called police while visiting a woman. He claimed her ex-boyfriend drove up to the residence, “gestured at him with a Tee-ball bat,” then threw a plastic Gatorade bottle. A responding officer took no action.

Kingsport Police Department

April 25

At a Clinchfield Street restaurant, police were called to deal with a man “making threats to harm people.” An officer found the suspect walking nearby. The man told the officer that he would kill police “in a future shootout” and threatened to turn a woman’s children into vegetables. He was transported to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

April 26

At an apartment on Tranbarger Drive, a “crying and hyperventilating” woman explained how she had just been robbed. She then named two people who allegedly entered her home with a pistol, ransacked the residence and fled with $400. However, a review of surveillance footage failed to corroborate her account. After changing her story multiple times, she was arrested for filing a false report.

April 28

As officers approached the scene of an early morning crash on Interstate 26, two occupants of the vehicle ran from the wreck. Foot pursuits followed in the area of the Rock Springs exit, leading to both being taken into custody. A man had been driving the uninsured vehicle on a suspended license, while the woman was wanted for violation of probation. Both were arrested.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

April 26

On West Stone Drive, a deputy attempted to stop a DUI suspect near Fairview Avenue. The driver ignored lights and sirens while fleeing to a residence on Jennifer Street, then resisted police, was pepper-sprayed and taken to the ground. At that point, a deputy noticed a child in the back of the suspect’s car. The Department of Children’s Services was called to respond, while the man was additionally charged with reckless endangerment and felony evading arrest. His DUI charge marked his seventh such offense.

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