Police say meth-fueled paranoia led to child abuse for Church Hill mom

Jeff Bobo • Dec 3, 2019 at 3:15 PM

CHURCH HILL — A Church Hill woman who allegedly threw her 3-year-old child's rocking horse and other toys out a second-story window during an apparent meth-fueled bout of paranoia will appear in court Wednesday on charges including child abuse.

Hannah Renee McDavid, 23, 110 Pridemore St., Church Hill, has been in jail since her arrest on Nov. 26. Her child was placed in the custody of family members.

On Nov. 26 around 10:15 p.m., Church Hill Police Department officers Ethan Mays and Chad Gillenwater responded to a report of a disturbance and a lot of glass breaking at the Pridemore Street Apartment Complex.

A witness directed Mays to the rear of the apartment building in question, where he reportedly observed a large quantity of broken glass, as well as toys and pieces of window blinds on the ground.

Mays stated in his report he also observed a second-story apartment window completely broken out.

Gillenwater arrived at the front of the apartment building, where a witness stated that a woman known as Hannah had come to her front porch “yelling, cussing, and threatening to kill someone.”

When McDavid answered her door, she was holding her 3-year-old son. She had a cut on her right knee and blood on her legs and hands.

The officers reportedly observed McDavid to display the symptoms of a person under the influence of a stimulant narcotic, and she allegedly admitted to using meth and then denied it.

Mays searched the apartment for other potential suspects and located the room where the second floor window had been broken out, which appeared to be the little boy's room.

“The room was in disarray with glass, blood, piles of clothing and a large knife in the floor,” May stated in his report.

The child reportedly told Gillenwater, “Mommy threw my horse out the window.”

The rocking horse was among the toys found outside in the debris.

Mays stated in his report, “McDavid would admit to meth use, and then deny it, but it became apparent that she was suffering from paranoia commonly associated with meth use. McDavid believed someone was coming to get her child, and for some reason threw large amounts of his toys outside.”

Mays said McDavid put her son in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death due to the condition of his room.

The Department of Children's Services was notified and released the child to a family member.

In addition to child abuse, McDavid was charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct.

She has been held in the Hawkins County Jail since her arrest on $10,000 bond pending her appearance in Hawkins County Sessions Court on Wednesday.