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Kingsport should change its name to ‘Fat Cat City’

Letters to the Editor • Jun 27, 2016 at 10:30 PM

Kingsport should change its name to ‘Fat Cat City’

Kingsport should change the name of the city to “Fat Cat City.” The fat cats (people with money and power) get what they want one way or another. They get it by running over the have-nots such as the majority of regular people who live here. It is like if you don’t have money, you don’t need to live here. The BMA wastes so much money on things most people could care less about. It’s like “Look what we did” on stupid things. They get most things by creating new taxes so they can please themselves. I guess you have to go to college to learn to be stupid.

Everyone who lives here better get ready to be taxed and taxed again and again. What everyone should do is quit recycling to teach the BMA a lesson. From now on I will throw everything in the trash. They get paid for recycling also. They will deny that, but I know better.

One Kingsport, what a joke. The Kingsport of years ago was a whole lot better than the one we have now. I guess the BMA forgot the words “for the people.” That means to them for rich people only. The BMA should be ashamed of themselves. Learn to live with what you have. Don’t live in a fantasy world you will never create.

Linda Giraldi, Kingsport

Waiting for next election

On June 21 the BMA approved an $8 per month garbage fee to be paid by residents of Kingsport. Aldermen Olterman, George and McIntire voted against it, and Aldermen Duncan, Mitchell and Parham voted for it. Since the vote was even, Mayor Clark broke the tie and voted for it. In reality the residents of Kingsport were burdened with this fee by the vote of one person, Mayor Clark. This is not the democratic way and should not be possible.

Clark, Duncan, Mitchell and Parham are in complete control of the financial well-being of city residents. This combination of four people can pass any additional fee with which they want to burden us. No doubt the $8 per month garbage fee will be increased to the original $12.75 per month any time they want. Residents must pay this fee or else their water will be cut off. Unfortunately there is no recall or impeachment process available. The only recourse is the ballot box during the next election.

John Ralston, Kingsport

We don’t need a queen

Hillary Clinton stated that she was “heir apparent to the Obama administration.” Heir apparent to what? Lost jobs, immigration of people who want to harm us, unraveling of the Constitution, ignoring the will of the people? We are getting rid of a king this November. We certainly do not need a queen.

Tish Baugh, Kingsport