Letters: Welcome to Kingsport, the land of illusions

Letter To The Editor • Jun 10, 2016 at 12:25 PM

If you are reading this and you were annexed, welcome to Kingsport — land of illusions. The passing of a sanitation fee in Kingsport by its elected BMA further shows the incompetence of those selected to lead in public service. To my recollection our residents aren’t rewarded for donating recyclables each week, and recyclables are sold off to the highest bidder. Poor planning in this city has led to bike lanes a small percentage uses, sidewalks coming to Stone Drive no one will utilize, and the merging of two hospitals which promoted further loss of jobs in the region and lack of choice for medical care.

Eastman isn’t adding jobs but downsizing despite their promise to add employment opportunities in trade for additional tax breaks. Mayor Clark, Darrell Duncan, Michelle Mitchell and Tom Parham — remember those names — approved dipping into your pocket once more. When they come up for re-election, remember those names. John Campbell is out, but City Manager Jeff Fleming is proving he is equally out of touch with the middle and lower class. A fee if $12.75 a month is nothing to their income bracket. ONE Kingsport is dividing this city with its agenda.

J.S. Moore


That’s what politicians do

Of course the trash fee was passed 4-3 on the first reading. The BMA are politicians and that’s what they do. They come up with new ways to tax and spend and secure their power and status base.

Too bad we don’t have Donald Trumps at the local and state level who have the best interests of their constituents in mind instead of promisers who can only talk the talk. Fortunately, there will be future elections when we will have an opportunity to remember the trash talk and how our wishes were totally ignored.

Wayne Smith


Garbage fee a hidden tax

Several city employees have commented that the reason we are putting a sidewalk on Stone Drive is that the Tennessee Department of Transportation is encouraging it because they have some grant money to give out.

For the city government to jump at this is like so many government agencies that at the end of the year have money left in the budget and spend it. That is a grossly irresponsible use of tax money. To say we need a sidewalk on Stone Drive just because we have some grant money available is also irresponsible. After all, grant money is somebody else’s money.

TDOT must have a better use for these funds, and Kingsport should not use anybody’s tax money for such an expensive project when there is so much else to do.

The city is not helping its citizens by imposing a garbage fee. This is a hidden tax. If the city needs tax money, ask for tax money. Don’t hide it. Consider that taxpayers can get a tax deduction for taxes paid but can’t get a deduction for a fee. Hiring so many new employees for the Kingsport One project also seems irresponsible. But that’s another mismanagement to be addressed later.

Jack Mahaffey


Buchanan overlooked faith

I appreciated and wholeheartedly agree with most of what Pat Buchanan expressed in his recent column, “The Great White Hope.” However, I believe Mr. Buchanan overlooked one important element of our society that has played a decisive role in what we as a nation became and to which it now tenaciously clings — the Christian faith. This more than anything else has influenced and molded the conduct and thinking of our nation and has led us to become a society and nation that is the envy of the world. Aside from the eternal nature of this issue, this element of Christian faith has produced a people who are governed by love and consideration of others, creating a national atmosphere that enabled our nation, both government and private enterprise, and its other facets of national life, to prosper. To be sure, there were failures because, though the plan was and is perfect, people are prone, at times, to fail.

So the hope referred to by Mr. Buchanan is not based on color or race, certainly not a political party, but on a faith that is the only hope for the success and survival of our, or any nation.

Charles Nash