'I want you for the U.S. Census'

Matthew Lane • Oct 27, 2019 at 8:00 PM

KINGSPORT — Looking to make some extra money after the holiday season while at the same time helping ensure your community receives every penny it deserves?

Then the U.S. Census might just be the job for you.

U.S. Census workers were recently out in the community double-checking residential addresses to make sure every household receives a census form in the mail. This work should be wrapping up this month with most households receiving a letter in March.

Then in the spring and summer of 2020, census takers will be hitting streets and visiting folks who don’t mail the form in. The U.S. Census Bureau has a goal of getting a complete and accurate count of everyone ... on April 1.

And to do this federally mandated counting, the U.S. Census Bureau needs workers. A lot of them.

To get a better handle on the positions needing to be filled, how much the jobs pay and the requirements for the positions, the Times-News recently spoke with June Iljana, a media specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau who gave us a rundown on the information.

Here’s what she told us:


“These positions provide the perfect opportunity to earn some extra income while helping your community. The results of the 2020 Census will help determine each state’s representation in Congress, as well as how certain funds are spent for schools, hospitals, roads and more. This is your chance to play a part in history and help ensure that everyone in your community is counted.


The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring census takers, census field supervisors and recruiting assistants.

“Recruiting assistants travel throughout geographic areas to visit with community-based organizations, attend promotional events and conduct other recruiting activities. Census field supervisors conduct fieldwork to support and conduct on-the-job training for census takers, while the census takers work in the field.


“In our area, most field jobs start at $13.50 per hour and are paid weekly. All census workers also receive paid training and mileage reimbursement of $.58 cents per mile. Pay rates for field and clerical jobs can be found at 2020census.gov/jobs/pay-and-locations.”


Applying for one of these jobs is simple. The application process is all online at www.2020Census.gov/jobs. The process should take about 30 minutes and includes assessment questions about education, work and other experience. Those who are being considered for a position will receive a telephone interview. If offered a job, they will receive instructions on next steps via email.”


“The bulk of hiring will take place January through April with training March through May from applications submitted now. In the spring of 2020, the census bureau will launch a field operation, where census takers will knock on doors to follow up with households who have not responded to the census questionnaire. Most census takers will work for several weeks between March and July.”


To be eligible for a 2020 Census job, you must:

• Be at least 18 years old.

• Have a valid Social Security number.

• Be a U.S. citizen.

• Have a valid email address.

• Complete an application and answer assessment questions.

• Be registered with the Selective Service System or have a qualifying exemption, if you are a male born after Dec. 31, 1959.

• Pass a Census-performed criminal background check and a review of criminal records, including fingerprinting.

• Commit to completing training.

• Be available to work flexible hours, which can include days, evenings and/or weekends.

• Have access to a vehicle and a valid driver’s license, unless public transportation is readily available.

• Have access to a computer with internet and an email account (to complete training).

“Working for the census is something that people can easily do in addition to their other employment and responsibilities, and there is no big commitment,” Iljana said. “This work is short-term, very flexible and pays well. ... Counting everyone is a very big job and requires many hands to make light work.”