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Going Places: Paris and Rome

Submitted by Phillip Gregg • Dec 1, 2019 at 10:30 AM
Today’s Scrapbook Showcase features photos from an October adventure to Paris, France, and Rome, Italy. The photos were taken by Phillip Gregg and Patti Taylor during a fall trip to Rome, Paris and Egypt. Watch for more of their photos in future editions.

Gregg writes that “sitting at a cafe near the Eiffel, sipping on a cafe with fresh cream and sampling real honest to goodness Parisian eclairs, how astonishing that is… Even in the pouring rain and early fall cool air, Paris is amazing.”

He continues, “Rome is just like everyone who has been says it is… the people very warm and kind, the sites plentiful and tourists even moreso. But, Rome on a fall evening with the warm red and orange setting sun kissing the tops of the ancient buildings, there is nothing on earth quite like it.”

Going Places features photos shared by our readers of their adventures both near and far. To share your travel photos, email them (along with a brief description of the trip) to us anytime at: scrapbook@thenetmg.com. Selected photos appear in Sunday Stories each week.